In 1948, Fred Bosselman, a farmer and part-time truck driver, and his wife, Maxine, opened Bosselman & Eaton Truck Stop on U.S. Highway 30 in Grand Island, Nebraska, with his brother Charles and brother-in-law Al Eaton and sister Charlotte Eaton. Over the years, this location developed a reputation for good food and good service. In 1965, Fred Bosselman built the Bosselman Truck Plaza at the intersection of the new Interstate 80 and U.S. Highway 281 at Grand Island. Known at the time as the "Truck Stop of Tomorrow," this location became a landmark on I-80 and has successfully served the public for over 50 years.

Over the years, the business became a family affair with the addition of Fred's sons, daughters and their spouses. The company grew and expanded into many new ventures, including convenience stores, additional truck plaza locations, fuel and propane services, transportation services, restaurants, truck repair shops, and lodging. The company was supervised by Fred Bosselman and his sons, Fred Bosselman Jr. and Chuck Bosselman.

Fred Bosselman passed away at the age of 89 in his home in Grand Island on July 27, 2006.

Eventually the company divided into two entities, retail and energy.

The third and fourth generations of Bosselmans, Chuck’s son and daughter Charlie and Brandi Bosselman, and Charlie’s daughter Kinsey Bosselman, took over Bosselman Enterprises upon Chuck’s passing in 2012. The original Bosselman & Eaton Truck Stop location still serves the public today, now as a modern Pump & Pantry. The first Bosselman Truck Plaza is still thriving as the Bosselman Travel Center at I-80 and Hwy 281.

Bosselman Enterprises, comprised of multiple companies, is headquartered in Grand Island, Nebraska, and includes 45 Pump & Pantry convenience stores; 45 Boss Shop truck service centers; the Bosselman Travel Center; one Hampton Inn, 3 Pump & Pantry Motels, one Quality Inn & Suites, one Comfort Inn & Suites and 3 Motel 6 franchises; Restaurants including Tommy Gunz Bistro, Max's Thunder Road Grill, and 1 Max's Highway Diners; quick-serve concepts including Subway, Little Caesars, Caribou Coffee, and Cinnabon Bakeries; Tommy Gunz Liquor Warehouse; VisionComm Storage & Vending; and the Nebraska Danger Indoor Professional Football Team. Founded in 1948, Bosselman's is a family organization in its fourth generation and has expanded across the nation in 23 states with over 1,400 employees.